Stock availability

Ok I learned my lesson and that is don’t look on Bunnings website for things and then go to the store expecting those things to actually be there. Twice this week while I have been on jobs I have had to search for a quickly needed item and found it on their website so off I trundle to the nearest store only to find an absence of said item. This is not only frustrating but costly when you’re on a time limit because of quoted hours to do the job. I have found the item at another store but this has required a fair amount of driving and wasted time. You’d think a place like Bunnings would be able to keep their stock levels up and not wait until they run out of things before they order replenishments. Another thing I have noticed lately is that the staff seem to have a customer phobia and are hard to spot these days and when they are spotted they run in the opposite direction. Not only can’t you find what their website says they have but you can’t find anyone to tell you that they don’t have it.

From now on I will always ring ahead to see if stuff is actually there, you can’t take it for granted and always be aware of website fiction.

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