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Laminate Repair

When installing new laminate benchtops it is all too easy to chip the bare edge of a join, especially if it is awkward to get into position. If this happens it can be quite difficult, if not impossible to rectify and the only way is to replace the section. If you have a match head size chip in a 3 metre long section this can be very expensive, not to mention wasteful. This is one of the downsides to installing benchtops.

There are people that manufacture “repair” products such as colour crayons which are made from wax and there is also something called ‘Liquid laminate’ which comes in various colours. I have experimented with most methods but none of them restore the laminate anywhere near original, you may as well just use a matching colour of paint. If you have a matt finish and you use the wax crayons the repaired area will develop a shine from the buffing action of wiping the benches and will become very noticeable over a short period.

The bottom line is that you need to be very careful handling the tops and if you chip them you need to replace them. I don’t expect my customers to live with a repaired ‘chip’ when they purchase new benchtops from me.

I have developed a system for minimising the risk of chipping by placing masking tape all around the exposed join and leaving it there until the last moment, peeling it off just prior to gluing and sealing the join. I’ve used this method many times now and haven’t chipped any of my installs.