I’m in a very busy period, which is really good. I’ve been mainly working for homeowners doing various things and I like it because they always pay promptly. Commercial is a whole different thing, they are always very slow at paying and need a few prompts to fork over what they owe. I’m chasing a mob now for a couple of grand.

They left great reviews on my website and were very pleased with the job. They just aren’t paying me for it. This gets you down in business and it doesn’t need to happen.

On a lighter note my workshop is coming along nicely and I’m purchasing high quality woodworking equipment as I can afford it. I’m starting to get a few high end cabinet jobs which is what I really like doing.

Stock availability

Ok I learned my lesson and that is don’t look on Bunnings website for things and then go to the store expecting those things to actually be there. Twice this week while I have been on jobs I have had to search for a quickly needed item and found it on their website so off I trundle to the nearest store only to find an absence of said item. This is not only frustrating but costly when you’re on a time limit because of quoted hours to do the job. I have found the item at another store but this has required a fair amount of driving and wasted time. You’d think a place like Bunnings would be able to keep their stock levels up and not wait until they run out of things before they order replenishments. Another thing I have noticed lately is that the staff seem to have a customer phobia and are hard to spot these days and when they are spotted they run in the opposite direction. Not only can’t you find what their website says they have but you can’t find anyone to tell you that they don’t have it.

From now on I will always ring ahead to see if stuff is actually there, you can’t take it for granted and always be aware of website fiction.

K&B Security doors

A good supplier of new security doors is K&B in Meadowbrook. They make all types of security door to any size required. I am currently replacing some older style security screen doors on a house in Sunnybank. They are not the standard size and the old doors were hitting on the main door handle so the new ones have to be moved forward a little to provide clearance. This is done with what is called a “build out frame”. A new aluminium frame is placed in the existing doorway that allows the new doors to be hung slightly forward from the existing jamb. K&B supply this too and it is better to fit the frame before ordering the doors so that you can give them the exact size.

Bunnings discount

We all know about Bunnings, they’re just about everywhere. I buy materials from them all the time because they are handy for my handyman business, I can always duck to bunnings to get what I need fairly quickly from wherever I am working.

There is a way of getting a discount on all your stuff that not everyone is aware of and that’s with a ‘Power Pass’. If you have an ABN you can get this pass for free and present it whenever you buy things. Some items have a bigger discount than others and some don’t have any but I always use mine for every purchase. So far this year I think I have saved in the $100’s. Cool!! ………………………………ABN’s are free too 😉


These days you need a website for your business. According to recent surveys 89% of people search for things on the internet, so I think advertising in the local rag will be a bit disappointing.

I have just built my website (from youtube lessons) and I think it has turned out pretty well for a beginner. I have tried to make it user friendly and provide enough info for potential customers.

I’ve found that building it is only a small part, it has to be seen in the searches, this is where SEO comes in and that is a field of its own. I’m sure I am causing myself brain damage trying to understand this stuff and wade my way around all the terms that people have come up with. I am only a small business and can’t afford to pay geeks the fees that they want, my handyman skills must now extend to graphic design and IT. I’m slowly getting the hang of it thanks to youtube and different articles on google along with quite a few calls to my hosting provider in the States…(can’t wait for my phone bill)…but some things are still a mystery.

I started this blog because they reckon that having one will improve my search results but since I installed it my main website has disappeared and now only the blog comes up in searches??? I’m going around the bend trying to find out why, I don’t understand it at all. Everything seems to be ok with my configuration of things so I am just going to wait for a bit and see what happens, maybe google hasn’t found the latest version yet, who knows. If it doesn’t come up soon I will delete this blog because it was working fine until I started this……

Laminate Repair

When installing new laminate benchtops it is all too easy to chip the bare edge of a join, especially if it is awkward to get into position. If this happens it can be quite difficult, if not impossible to rectify and the only way is to replace the section. If you have a match head size chip in a 3 metre long section this can be very expensive, not to mention wasteful. This is one of the downsides to installing benchtops.

There are people that manufacture “repair” products such as colour crayons which are made from wax and there is also something called ‘Liquid laminate’ which comes in various colours. I have experimented with most methods but none of them restore the laminate anywhere near original, you may as well just use a matching colour of paint. If you have a matt finish and you use the wax crayons the repaired area will develop a shine from the buffing action of wiping the benches and will become very noticeable over a short period.

The bottom line is that you need to be very careful handling the tops and if you chip them you need to replace them. I don’t expect my customers to live with a repaired ‘chip’ when they purchase new benchtops from me.

I have developed a system for minimising the risk of chipping by placing masking tape all around the exposed join and leaving it there until the last moment, peeling it off just prior to gluing and sealing the join. I’ve used this method many times now and haven’t chipped any of my installs.

Benchtop Suppliers


“Handyform” in kingston have been a recent supplier of my benchtops. They can supply any laminate on the Aussie market and they do a reasonable job of machining the joins. Due to the nature of some cabinets the joins need a little bit of tweeking to fit nicely but this is only natural.